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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Great Lakes Nosferatu Imperial Red Ale

88.3% BA score on Beer Advocate. 97 overall and 94 style ratings on RateBeer. 3.81 out of 5 on Untappd.

Don’t be afraid of things that go hop in the night! Rich roasted malt flavors haunt the shadows of our Imperial Red Ale’s bitter teeth.

Ruby red in color with a toasty malt body lurking beneath a stunning hop bite.




Root vegetables, red meats, and dark cellars


Recently picked up a 4 pack of Great Lakes Nosferatu at Savor Pint. $9.99 for the 4 pack.

With Nosferatu, I earned a couple badges on Untappd.

Got the level 38 Hopped Up badge. It's for 190 different beers with an IBU of 65 or higher.

Also got the levle 11 2X badge. It's for 55 different beers with Imperial or Double in the style.

Last time I had Nosferatu was in October of 2015. Figured it was time to get this one again.

Have been ignoring Great Lakes beer quite a bit lately. They tend to be one of those breweries that I tend to see everywhere. And the fact that I don't stick to any one company or beer for very long. There are way too many beers out there that I haven't tried.

I actually liked the old artwork a little better than the current stuff.

Unlike some goat urine swillers, I don't have time to be married to one beer.

Why? Please see above.

PBR swillers don't even like boneless pizza. They enjoy the pizza with all of it's boney glory.

See what happens with PBR drinkers dogs.

Life hack for all the PBR drinkers.

The PBR crowd also looks for some strange stuff on the web.

Only thing that can be said to the hipster PBR drinkers.

The PBR crowd should also take advice from Ronald Reagan.

Nosferatu is named after one of the greatest movies ever made. A movie from Germany made in 1922, ironically named Nosferatu.

It is one of the creepier movies that there is. Part of that is due to the vampire makeup. For some reason, people are turned off by silent movies. Don't know why. Is it because every so often some title cards need to be read? Most silent movies come with a musical score so they are all the way silent.

There was a Werner Herzog directed remake starring Klaus Kinski. While a good movie, it is not as good as the original.

Even though I have been ignoring Great Lakes Brewing for some quite some time, they are still one of my favorite breweries. Styles that I don't much care for are still pretty decent from them. Plus they do name a lot of their beers after things/events/people related to Ohio. True, a lot are named after the Cleveland area, but there are references to other things in Ohio. Have to give bonus points to a company that names a beer after one of the greatest movies of all time.

Poured into a Great Divide Brewing glass. Slightly under an inch of head. lacing is around, but does not last that long. Color is a nice red. Aroma has some nice roasted malt to it. Maybe a touch of caramel to it. Some hoppy notes to it.

Taste has plenty of roasted malt to it. Along the lines of caramel. Very nice bitterness at the end. Nosferatu is one of the few beers that I don't mind the malt in it. Truly one of the best seasonal beers there is. Could be the best seasonal. The way the malt and the bitterness mix is great. Rated it 4.5 out of 5. It's a rather conservative rating.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Great Lakes Brewing Lake Erie Monster Imperial IPA

89 BA score on Beer Advocate. 96 overall and 87 style scores on RateBeer. 3.89 out of 5 on Untappd.


Issue a small craft advisory: this South Bay Bessie-inspired brew launches an intense hop attack amid torrid tropical fruit flavors.

Astonishingly full-bodied, with a leviathan load of American hops.




Steak, aged cheeses, and tall tales

Recently picked up a 4 pack of Lake Erie Monster from Savor Pint.

Haven't had Lake Erie Monster since July of 2015.

I prefer the old artwork a tiny bit better. South Bay Bessie looks more menacing on the old artwork than what it does on the current artwork.

Weekly World News had a "story" about South Bay Bessie quite a while ago.

Miss all the stories that Weekly World News would publish about Bat Boy.

Since it had been over 2 years since I last had Lake Erie Monster, I wanted to see if it held up the 4.25 out of 5 rating I last rated it.

Plus I am a fan of most beers from Great Lakes Brewing.

Same can't be said for PBR.

I would have pull out a straw just to drink PBR.

Then this would happen after one sip.

Getting the dry heaves just thinking about PBR.

Then this always gets said.

It doesn't happen to actual beer drinkers.

Real beer makes PBR drinkers ovaries to explode.

Same thing applies to drinking PBR.

PBR drinkers do a lot on the weekends.

PBR drinkers are much like Kanye West.

What needs to be said to the non reading PBR drinkers.


Some proof.

Even more proof.

Recently picked up The Tale Of the Devil: The Biography of Devil Anse Hatfield.

Instead of reading, PBR drinkers are doing this.

Do like a good IPA. Make it an Imperial IPA, and it becomes even better.

With 9.1% ABV and 80 IBU, PBR drinkers would not like this beer at all.

Lake Erie Monster would taste too much like a beer and PBR swillers can't handle taste. Do prefer the older artwork over the current.

Poured into a Great Divide Brewing glass. About an inch of head. Lacing could have been better. Smell certainly has citrus to it. Leans a bit towards orange. Some resin. Little bit of malt. Does smell a bit boozey. That's to be expected out of a 9.1% ABV beer.

Taste does start off on the citrus side. As with the smell, it seems to lean a bit towards orange. It is a bit on the sweet side. Can taste the alcohol in it. Malt isn't as strong in the taste as in the smell. Do get some resin towards the end. Does finish a bit dry. Citrus does seem to cut the IBU a bit. Bitterness certainly does show up at the end though. Rated it 4 out of 5. Dropped the rating just a bit. Sweetness and the booziness did drop the rating a bit.