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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hoss rye lager

Hoss rye lager from Great Divide Brewing.

Another beer picked up at the local Giant Eagle.

The only Great Divide beer I was familiar with is the Espresso Oak Aged Imperial Stout. The stout is one of my favorites.

The red color is eye catching. I just wish there was a bit more than a silhouette of a lumberjack on the bottle and carrier. The lumberjack makes me think of the Lumberjack Song from Monty Python.

It pours an orange color. It has somewhat fruity/caramel smell to it. It does have a faint cherry flavor to it. Some spicy rye notes are also there. It also seems to be kind of a bready hint to it as well.

Overall this is a decent beer. Not the best, nor the worst. It's a beer I wouldn't drink all the time but it ranks above quite a few beers.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Polestar Pilsner

Polestar pilsner from Left Hand brewing.

Pilsners can be a tricky beer. If not done right they can be some of the worst beers made. If done right, it can be quite good. Pilsners tread a very fine line.

While browsing th e beer aisle of the local Giant Eagle, I spotted this pilsner. When I saw it saw it was from Left Hand I knew it would be worth checking out.

As with other packaging Left Hand does, this one is has a nice color scheme and graphics.

When poured it is a nice golden color. Has a nice amount of small bubbles. It does have a bit of a lemon/citrus smell to it. The taste does have a bit of a lemon zest taste to it. With some grassy and biscuit notes to it. It's also has a crisp taste to it.

This is how an American pilsner should taste. Very much a pilsner to seek out.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Black Jack Porter

Black Jack Porter from Left Hand Brewing.

I have to say this is my favorite design for a beer from Left Hand Brewing. The funky gorgon like head on the package doesn't quite look like a playing card jack though. More of a demented trix rabbit.

An IBU of 35 and 6.8% ABV. The porter is a bit sweet. A bit too sweet for a porter. Did get a bit of chocolate, but didn't really taste any espresso. This one isn't a bad beer to try. Due to the bit of sweetness, it's not one I would drink all the time. As fot the herbal hops listed on the bottle, didn't really taste an herbal flavor. I think someone was smoking a different kind of herb when this bottle and package were designed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus

The Elevator Brewey is located at 161 N. High Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

It is located in what used to be Bott Brothers Billiards that was open from 1890 to 1919. In fact lettering for Botts Bros. still adorn the front of the location.

The location was also home to the Clock restaurant for a number of years.

There are reports of the ghost of Col. Pritchard that was murdered in front of the location in 1909.

The inside of the Elevator has some nice wooded floors and ornate carvings throughout.

On April 26th, 1903 there was a fire in the building. Capt. Daniel S. Lewis was killed by falling debris. Below are pics of his grave in Green Lawn cemetery taken in September, 2012.

If you are into Columbus history or just want to go to a good brew pub the Elevator is a place to check out of both.

Horny Goat

Horny Goat porter from Elevator Brewery. It's probably one of the strangest names I have seen for a beer.

Who wouldn't want to try a Horny Goat?

A porter aged in whisky barrels is always a good thing to drink.

It has an IBU of 14 and 7.5% ABV. It's one of those beers that would please porter lovers and ones who don't like high bitterness. Not one for porter fans who like theirs a little stronger tasting.

It has a bit of vanilla taste to it. It was also a tad sweet, which is not something one can say about a lot of porters. The color is typical of a porter. Some definite woody tastes from the oak barrel with a tiny bit of whisky flavor.

Yellow Snow IPA

Rogue Brewing Yellow Snow IPA

Another oddly named beer from Rogue.

Apparently Rogue didn't heed the words of Frank Zappa. Don't Eat the Yellow Snow.

An IBU of 70 and 6.2% ABV.

This is one of Rogue's limited beers. Very much a hoppy beer with touches of citrus and pine.

One word of warning though is the price. I picked this up for $13.99 for a 6 pack.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Rusted River Irish Red Ale

Rusted River Irish Red Ale from Rust Belt Brewing.

While browsing the beer aisle in Giant Eagle a couple weeks ago, I spotted a beer I had never seen before. One from Youngstown, Ohio.

Intrigued by the graphics, I had to check it out. I've always like red ales. I decided what the heck I'll try it.

Normally I would expect beer from a certain company to actually be brewed where the company is located. The Rusted River ale is actually brewed in Pittsburgh by Penn Brewery.

Can't be all bad since I root for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It poured a dark red. A little sweet with not a whole lot of carbonation. Some toasted malt taste but the taste wasn't quite there. For an Irish red ale I hoped for a lot more taste than what it had. Not a beer for people who like a lot of taste. It would be for people who drink Budweiser.

Santa's Butt

Of all the names possible for a Christmas beer, Santa's Butt may not the best one. With all the possible graphics to use, a picture of Santa's butt probably wouldn't be the best choice.

I must admit I did think it was funny for a sec. Just a sec. But then I thought who in their right mind would try anything that tasted like Santa's butt. I of course raise my hand for some unknown reason.

Ridgeway Brewing from England came up with this beer, I happened to find it back in December at Jungle Jim's.

Poured it in a glass and was glad it didn't smell like Santa's sweaty butt. I was hoping it wouldn't taste like that either. I was glad when I started to drink it that there was no sweaty taste. Actually it was one of those beers that didn't seem to have much of a taste. A very light coffee taste to it, but otherwise much going on in the taste department. This would be more of a novelty beer for those who want to say they tried Santa's Butt. For those who want to know what the real Santa's butt tastes like (why would you?) you might want to look elsewhere.

Stranger American Pale Ale

Stranger from Left Hand Brewing.

From the company that brought the world their version of Milk Stout comes Stranger. By the way Milk Stout contains NO milk. It has lactose, the sugar found in milk.

As with other packaging from Left Hand, this has decent artwork. Comes with a little story on one side, which seems to be more and more common.

The bottle says there are multiple citrus hops notes in the beer. I was looking foward to see what citrus I could pick out.

Once poured into a glass, the ale looked more like a lager. The smell didn't have any specific smell to it. Never a good sign. Upon first drink didn't taste any citrus notes at all. Actually it didn't taste like much. Got a bit of the rye in the after taste. Multiple drinks later, still didn't tast like much. This beer was a big disappointment. Expected a lot more taste out of a beer from Left hand.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mississippi Mud Black & Tan

Mississippi Mud Black & Tan from Mississippi Brewing.

There's something odd about a company named Mississppi Brewing and have the company be in Utica, New York. Much like jumbo shrimp.

While strolling the beer aisle in Jumgle Jim's in December, there was a bottle that caught my eye.

A bottle that looked like a moonshine jug. Add in the name and I had to pick it up to look.

Black & tan beer always is a hit or miss with me. Some are decent, some are bad. There are ones that are kinda in between.

Black & tan beer is also for the type of person who can't make up there mind on what style of beer sounds good at the time. Do I want a dark beer? Do I want a lighter color beer? Heck, I can't decide, why don't I just mix both of them?

The taste is one of those odd ones. Kinda can taste a hint of the porter with a hint of the pilsner. One of those tastes that neither one is up front. It seemed to have a bit of a tang in the after taste. One of those beers to get just for the novelty factor of the bottle. It was $2.99 for the bottle which wasn't a bad price.

Nothing special about this beer to keep drinking it. Might be fun to take to a party here and there.

Monster Ale

Monster Ale from Brooklyn Brewery.

Brooklyn Brewery is one of the places I have a love/hate thing for. They do good beers not great beers. There lies athe problem. why not make a great beer?

Monster Ale is Brooklyn's barleywine style. An IBU of 47 and 10.1% ABV. Barleywine has never been a favorite style of mine.

Barleywine to me never really tastes like a beer. It always seems like a beer that tries too hard. This one tastes like pretty much every other Brooklyn beer. One that is good but not enough to make it special. A beer that tries to please everybody but doesn't quite stand out.

Maybe one day Brooklyn will put out a great one.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Back In Black black IPA

21st Amendment Back In Black IPA

Yet another beer from 21st Amendment.

A beer inspired by Paul Revere's midnight ride. As always the packaging is pretty decent for this beer.

The can design is my favorite one that 21st amendment has done. It just beats out the design for Marooned On Hog Island.

Had never tried a black IPA before this one. Very much in the vein of a stout color. Had a decent head on it.

It has an IBU of 65 which is the normal range of an IPA. A bit piney with some coffee. A beer that is worth checking out.