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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cy Young

Another grave related post.

Cy young is buried in Peoli, Ohio. Peoli is one of those blink and you miss 'em towns in Tuscarawas County. The graveyard is next to the Peoli Church.

Cy Young is Peoli's biggest claim to fame. There is an amish population in the area. One of the towns nearby, Old Washington, is famous for a skirmish between some Union troops and John Hunt Morgan's unit. There are 6 confederate soldiers from Morgans unit buried in the little cemetery in Old Washington.

Young played from 1890 to 1911. Has records for most wins (511) and most losses (316). He also recors for games started, complete games, innings pitched and hitless innings.

Seeing how the graveyard is small, Youngs grave is very easy to spot. It's the only one with a winged baseball.


Stillwater Artisanal Ales Classique

Recently picked this up on a beer run with somebody from work at Savor Market. It was one I hadn't tried and the can caught my eye. $11.99 for the 6 pack. Also picked up a 4 pack of Noseratu.

Classique is a Saison/Farmhouse ale. Pretty much just a beer brewed in winter to be drunk during summer. This one is 4.5% ABV, so it qualifies as a session beer. Session beer is anything with 4.5% ABV or under and can be consumed over a drinking session without feeling the effects as much as a beer with a higher ABV.

Pours a straw color with a decent sized head. Classique actually started foaming out of the can once it was opened. Aroma has a bit of spice with a light citrus scent. Citrus scent is a bit on the lemon scent. Taste has a bit of citrus, mainly lemon. There is a light cracker taste to it as well. Tastes aren't the most overpowering. A bit on the lighter side. Decent enough beer to drink on a hot summer night.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Al Bridwell

Another off topic post.

Today went to Greenlawn Cemetery in Portsmouth, Ohio. Went to find the grave of baseball player Al Bridwell.

Bridwell played for the following teams:
Cincinnati Reds 1905
Boston Braves 1906-1907, 1911-1912
New York Giants 1908-1911
St. Louis Terriers (Federal League) 1914-1915

Al Bridwell is known for putting the ball into play that led to Merkles Boner.


This one is an off topic post. As some readers of this blog will know, I'm a Taphophile. A person who likes graves, gravestones and cemeteries/graveyards/burial yards.

Nothing freaky or unusual about it. Books and websites have been published over the years about the subject. It's more about the history behind the subject that drives taphophiles. I've learned more about history searching out notable peoples graves than what I learned in high school.

One website I refer to a lot is Grave Addiction.While maybe a little Ohio centric, there are quite a few other states listed. Not only cemeteries but abandoned places and haunted spots. Worth checking out.

Another site would be Find A Grave. It's known for it's listings of notable/famous peoples graves. It also lists graves of no famous people as well. One great thing about the site is that it is user drive. That is also a downside as well. Not all info like section or lot # is submitted. Also a famous/notable grave has to be approved by the site first. A famous persons grave could be submitted and rejected because the bio doesn't meet their standards.


Great Lakes Brewing Nosferatu

Nosferatu is my favorite seasonal beer from Great Lakes brewing. Available starting in September. Named after a film from 1922. It's one of the best films ever produced. Yes, it predates talkies by a few years. Just because it is a silent film, that does not make it a bad film. For people who say they don't like silent movies, how many have you actually seen? Bet the answer is none, 0.

1922 film version of Nosferatu

Nosferatu essentially is Dracula. Bram Stoker's widow actually sued for copyright infringement. Graf Orlok portrayed by Max Schreck is made up to be more rat like in the movie. Some of the shots and special effects still hold hold up over 90 years later.

1979 film version

Werner Herzog did a pretty decent remake in 1979 with Klaus Kinski. While not as great as the 1922 version, this one is still a great movie. For those not familiar with Kinski or Herzog, run out and get the Kinski/Herzog box set that Kino put out a few years ago.

Off to the beer.

The packaging is my favorite of the Great Lakes beers. Simple red, black and white.

Do have a minor quibble with something on the label. It refers to the Bavarian purity law. The law requires that only water, barley and hops are to be used. Yeast wasn't known to have caused the fermentation. Since this beer contains one of the added ingredients, it doesn't conform to the purity law. While at the time of the law any airborne yeast would have got into and fermented the beer.

As anybody can tell by this post, I'm a bit of a film and history nerd. Or as I say, I have the ability to read and remember things. Pours a nice red with almost two fingers of head. 6.4% ABV and an IBU of 70. Since I have this beer before in years past, I knew what I was in for taste and smell wise. Since this is an imperial red ale the alcohol and taste will upped a little over regular red ales. Aroma is of malts, hops and some citrus. Taste follows the aroma. Not one taste overpowers another. Citrus starts off and the bitterness finishes it. Add in malt and that makes this one great beer. There are some biscuit notes to the beer. Simcoe and Cascade hops are used in this one. Worth running out and getting.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Torchon Belgian Pale Ale

Tri City Brewing Torchon Belgian Pale Ale

Picked this up at Savor Market last week. Been in the fridge since then. Recently Tri City has come to Columbus. Have tried their Giant Slayer and really liked it.

As a fan of pale ales and especially Belgian style pale ales, I wanted to try this one. Figure in that Tri City is new to the area. Due to the yeast used, Belgian style pale ales usually have a unique smell and taste. A little funky and usually kinda spicy.

Not the best graphics and colors I've seen on a beer bottle. The script used for the name is not the best. Is it Tonchon or Torchon?

From Tri City's website:
Light amber in color with a moderate fruity and light spicy aroma derived from our Trappist yeast. The flavor of this medium-light bodied ale has a balanced fruity and biscuity malt taste with subtle hop bitterness. This session ale is an excellent introduction to Belgian style beers.

Pours a hazy amber color into a pint glass. Not a very big head. Aroma is fruity and sweet. Almost too sweet for me. Taste has citrus and malt. Taste is sweeter than what I like in a pale ale. It has an IBU of 26 which is low. It doesn't have the funk that I would expect in a Belgian style beer. This is just an average beer. Have had better and have had worse.

Earned the 9th level of the Pale As The Moon badge on Untappd.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Citra Dog

Thirsty Dog Brewing Citra Dog

Thirsty Dog is based out of Akron, Ohio. They always have unique names and graphics for their beers. Whippet Wheat, Siberian Night, Barktoberfest, 12 Dog Days Of Christmas and Old Leghumper amongst them.

Picked up the 6 pack at Giant Eagle for $10.99. Almost picked it up at Savor Market last week but went with another choice I haven't tried yet. Who could refuse a beer with a dog wearing a cape?

Citra Dog is hopped with one type of hop - Citra. Citra is a fairly new hop. It was released in 2007. It's high in alpha acids and oils.

6.5% ABV and IBU of 95. With the IBU being as high as it is, I knew it would be a beer right up my alley. Anything with a high IBU means flavor. Nothing like the frou frou beers like PBR or Bass could offer. Basically a beer for beer drinkers.

Pours a cloudy orange into a Hobgoblin glass. Not a big head on first pour. Lasts for awhile. Really great lacing left on the glass. Aroma has citrus to it. Pineapple is the most prominent citrus smell. Some grapefrutiy and pine smells are there as well. Taste has upfront citrus tastes. Pineapple is upfront along with some grapefruit. Bitterness shows up on the back end. Wouldn't have thought the IBU was 95. The citrus notes help cut the bitterness level. Citra Dog is one of the better American IPA style beers I have tried. Actually it is one of the better IPA beers. This is worth finding.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Old Speckled Hen

A beer I first tried several years ago. Picked up a 6 pack at Giant Eagle a couple weeks ago. Decided to get into it today. Old Speckled Hen was first brewed in 1979 for the 50th anniversary of the MG car factory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England.

Some old MG cars.

Spent $9.99 for the 6 pack. Had tried a bottle several years ago, when I picked up a bottle from World Market.

Didn't remember too much about the beer. Figured it was time to reacquaint myself with the beer. Being an English ale, it's not one I normally go after. Knew it had to be better than Bass. Anything would be better than PBR.

One knock against the beer is the bottle. Clear glass is not good for beer. Brown glass blocks more light than clear glass and less chance of the beer getting skunked. Poured an amber color. Aroma is of caramel. Definite sweetness. Taste is sweet and of caramel. A toasted malt quality is there. Not much in the way of bitterness. A smooth tasting beer. Not my glass of beer. It is worth checking out at least once. It's more for fans of malty beer.