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Friday, November 29, 2013

Brew Free! Or Die

21st Amendment Brew Free! Or Die

This one I've had before, but I was surprised that I had never posted about it before. Picked it up at Savor Market for $8.99 for a 6 pack.

For some reason beer cans get a bad rep. A lot of people say it gives the beer (or pop) a metallic taste. Unless the person is molesting the can with their tongue, no metallic taste as all. Since the 1930's when beverages started coming out in cans, there has been an interior can liner. The liner prevents any sort of reaction with the metal. Plus, beer is supposed to be poured into a glass after opening. The head that is produced helps in the aroma and taste. Plus, out the glass you get to see what you are drinking.

Who doesn't like graphics that look like Abe Lincoln is throwing a punch? George Washington reminds me of someone who is constipated. Did you hear about the movie called Constipation? It hasn't come out yet. Ever been sitting on the toilet while constipated and think to yourself "I haven't got time for this s!@t"

Pours a golden color. Average head but does have decent lacing. Aroma has a lot of pine to it. No, it doesn't have actual pine in it. Just the type of hops used. Quite a bit of citrus is present. At 70 IBU, the bitterness is a bit high, but quite pleasant. Some great pine tastes in it. Citrus is a bit like grapefruit peel with grapefruit. Basically all the tastes that make this a great beer. Not for those bad beer drinkers. Worth looking out for.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tramp Stamp

Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp Belgian style IPA

Nothing says class like a tramp stamp. Nothing is bigger turn on than a butterfly right above the glory hole. Goes along with the Pantera listening, sloppy joe eating, nascar watching folk.

If anybody guessed this was picked up at Savor Market, you are a winner. It was $9.99 for a four pack. It being an IPA and also a Belgian style ipa at that, who would not want to try this beer? Already it is better than PBR (Pure Butt Rectum).

7% ABV. From Clown Shoes website:
Like a stamp on a tramp, this beer is about not so subtle seduction.  Soft but complex malts, Chambly yeast, sweet orange peel, Columbus, Amarillo, and Centennial hops have merged to create a bodacious Belgian IPA.

Must admit the graphics are eye catching. Much better than a lot of others I've seen lately. Add in Clown Shoes, why not? Now if it had a tramp with a stamp wearing clown shoes, we would have a winner. It would be getting into Britney Spears territory. Not to be confused with tramps with lack of talent like a "heavy metal" band like Pantera. One Direction is more heavy metal than Pantera would ever be.

Pours a cloudy orange color. Head is decent with some decent lacing on the glass. Aroma is a bit sweet with citrus notes and yeast. Yeast is to be expected out of a Belgian style beer. Unlike the American macro brewers use of yeast, Belgian style beers use of yeast is like night and day. Taste has quite a bit going on. Citrus tastes like orange is present. A bit of nice yeastiness along with hops. Some floral presence is there as well. Very well presented. Not for people who don't like taste in their beer. Wouldn't share this one with people I work with. This one would make their heads explode because it's actually a great beer. Yep, I went there.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rex Attitude

Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude

Picked up a bottle of this at Savor Market for $5.99. Since this is a smoked beer, I did not hold any sort of high hopes for this beer. Since I've never tried a beer from New Zealand, I wanted to try it. Always thought smoked beer was for people who couldn't handle a real beer like an IPA. Somewhat the beer version of sloppy joes.

I mean, come on, who wants to eat something that looks like loose stool and tastes even worse. The only people that like sloppy joes are people without developed taste buds, i.e. 2 year olds.

7% ABV and an IBU of 31. It's a peat smoked strong ale. The only thing in this world that should have the flavor of peat smoke is scotch. Scotch is for those that actually enjoy an adult beverage and don't enjoy crap like sloppy joes.

From Yeastie Boys website:
The world's first heavily-peated single malt ale. A deceptively innocuous game changing beer that is possibly the smokiest in the world, certainly one of the most polarising, and yet very subtle and beguilingly drinkable for those who get past the initial shock. It is the favourite beer of both Yeastie Boys and the beer that won us the Morton Coutts Trophy for Innovation at the New Zealand Brewers Guild "BrewNZ" beer awards. BBQ in a beer!

Did I ever mention I am not a fan of smoked beer? How about Pantera? Or sloppy joes? Bad beer? Well, I have another entry into the pantheon of beers that should not exist. Pours a golden color. Not much head and no lacing on the glass. Aroma is probably one of the worst smells I've had the displeasure of smelling. That includes the smells produced after Chipotle day at work. My nose has never been as offended as with this beer. Smells like peat mixed with glue. I'm not talking the good glue like airplane glue, but the bad stuff used in schools. Almost as bad as sloppy joes. Think if Pantera and the Insane Clown Posse were a taste, that would be it. Taste was worse than the smell. Definite peat in there. Smokiness was just bad. It was like licking an ashtray. That is coming from a smoker. If you are a true beer fan, avoid this at all costs. Save your money and buy an actual beer like an IPA or better yet, a Double/Imperial IPA.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Labatt Blue

I must declare this post is not supported by Bob & Doug McKenzie. But I want to watch episodes of SCTV now.

May have to pull the DVD copy of Strange Brew.

Another 24 oz can picked up from Giant Eagle. Seeing this beer brought back memories of my early beer drinking days. Figured I would relive those days by picking up a can.

Poured into a pilsner glass. Another urine colored beer. Decent sized head that quickly faded. Aroma is almost nonexistent, much like Miley Cyrus' talent. Taste has a slight sweetness to it and not much else. After drinking it, I knew why I quit drinking Labatt Blue to begin with. It's essentially the Canadian Budweiser. Labatt Blue is an adjunct lager. A lot of people I know would consider this a great beer. Those people I worry about.

People that drink this one probably still listen to Bryan Adams.

Steel Reserve 211

Picked up a can from the local Giant Eagle. Since it was rather cheap, I knew it wouldn't be very good. High Alcohol and low cost usually spells disaster for the taste buds.

8.1% ABV. Very simple color scheme on this one. I can see whoever designed this can didn't put much thought into it. But I'm thinking with a higher alcohol beer, graphics wouldn't be the first thing on everybody's list. Much like Pantera's songwriting, not much there. The Ramones put more thought into their songs.

Poured into a pilsner glass. Color is yellowish like urine. Smells like urine as well. At first thought, I was was thinking it was just canned hobo urine. Once I tasted it, I knew hobo urine would probably taste better. Upon first sip my taste buds threw a fit. Not just a fit, but an epic hissy fit. I actually heard my taste buds screaming bloody murder after the first sip. One of the worst things I have ever had in my life.

These are probably typical drinkers:

Monday, November 25, 2013


Foster's lager

Picked up an oil can of Foster's today at Giant Eagle. It was $1.99 for the 25.4 ounce can. I hadn't had Foster's in quite a long time.

 Wanted to see if the beer was as bad as I remembered. Didn't want to get a 6 pack so the oil can it was. There are some beers I can't bring myself to buy a 6 pack of. Even though this was a beer I used to get quite a bit when I was younger.

Pours a pale golden color. The head quickly fades away. No lacing to speak of. Pretty much just like PBR. Being an adjunct lager, this one has very little aroma. Adjunct lager uses rice in the brewing process. Smell is almost not existent. Very light malt smell. Taste is basically not there. One of the lamest tasting beers I've ever had. I can't believe I used to drink this swill. Almost as bad as PBR. Avoid at all costs.

More like Australian for goat urine.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ground Break

Ithaca Brewing Ground Break Saison

Bought this at Giant Eagle a couple weeks ago for $9.99. I was impressed with Ithaca's Flower Power.

Since this is a Saison/Farmhouse ale, I thought it was weird that Giant Eagle had it. Saison/Farmhouse are normally brewed in the winter and drunk in the summer. Also Ithaca's website says the availability is February to April. Hadn't seen it before at Giant Eagle before I picked it up.

Saison/Farmhouse ales are starting to grow on me. Never was my favorite style of beer, but the more I try, the more some of them do taste good. Unlike some Luddites, I do embrace change.

Poured in an English style pub glass. Pours an orange color with a decent head. No lacing on the glass at all. Aroma is a tad spicy, floral and citrusy. Not the biggest aroma. It does have a pleasant smell. Compared to PBR, Ground Break has an overwhelming smell. Point to Ground Break. The flaked Rye adds a bit of spiciness to the taste. Other malts used are 2-Row Pale and Carapils. Hops used are Amarillo, Glacier and Glacier. Citrus reminds me a bit like lemon. Floral tastes are there. Sweetness helps balance out the hoppiness and spiciness. A very well balanced beer. Worth trying.

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