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Friday, January 31, 2014

Bell's Hopslam

Bell's Brewing Hopslam

Set a new record for the amount I've paid for a 6 pack. Hopslam was $17.99 at Giant Eagle Market District. Happened to pick this up last week. The 80 6 packs that Savor Market were reserved rather quickly.

There is somewhat of s**t storm going on with Savor Market and Savor Growl over this beer. Apparently Savor bought out a local Giant Eagle's supply of Hopslam and were selling it for a $1 more. If one visits the Facebook pages for Savor Market and Savor Growl and read the comments concerning this issue, one will find out a lot of people are still mentally stuck in middle school. People are all worked up over beer. I usually go to Savor Market. I don't go to Savor Growl that much due to the crowd that goes in there and the employees are jacakasses there.

Never have bought a ton of Bell's beers. It's not that I don't like the few beers I've tried from them. It's just there is a ton of beer to try and little time to try it. I was a little hesitant to try this one since it is brewed with honey. Any beer that has extra ingredients other than water, grain, yeast and hops are a little suspect to me. It's as if any extra ingredients are added to overcome an overall bad beer. Who needs beer that has fruit added to make it taste different? It's usually a sign of a piss poor beer. Hopslam does have some great ratings though. On Beer Advocate it has a BA score of 100 and a Bros score of 94. RateBeer has a Overall and a style score of 100. Since both sites have similar scores, I figured it had to be at least worth trying.

10% ABV and 70 IBU. Poured with a almost non existent head. No lacing. Very odd smell on this one. Some citrus a bit upfront. Almost orange rind like. Some grapefruit is there as well along with hops. It is very sweet smelling as well. Almost too sweet. Being 70 IBU, it is bitter tasting. Citrus notes are there. Tiny bit of malt. To me, the honey adds an odd flavor to Hopslam. Don't know if honey is really needed. I don't think it really adds anything to the beer in a good way. I do appreciate the hoppiness to this one. Due to the honey, I don't know if I really like this one. It's more of a beer thats just there, not really memorable, but not forgettable as well. Hopslam would probably be an amazing beer without the honey. Some people would probably really like Hopslam. I'm still undecided on Hopslam.

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Revolution A Little Crazy

Revolution Brewing A Little Crazy Belgian Pale Ale

Picked up a 6 pack the other day at Savor Market for $9.99. Have seen a bomber, but never bought one. When I saw a lonely 6 pack, I had to get it. Never had it, but since it is a Belgian style pale ale, I figured why not. Plus with a guy that looks like Jerry Garcia on the cans, who could resist?

For some reason I have always like the colors and graphics on Revolution's cans and bottles. Their Anti-Hero is among my favorites.

6.8% ABV. Couldn't find an IBU on this. Not even on the company website. Being a Belgian style pale ale, I knew it would have a bit of a funky taste and smell. Usually Belgian and Belgian style beers due to the yeast used have a uniqueness that a lot of other beers can't match. Being a Belgian style automatically makes this better than PBR. I'm pretty sure this beer could probably do better music than what Pantera could do as well, and it's a beer that can't do music. On Beer Advocate this a BA rating of 90. RateBeer has an overall rating of 91 and a style score of 96.

Pours an amber color. Decent head. Some lacing but I've seen better. Aroma has some funkiness to it. Being a Belgian style beer, that is to be expected. Hops are also in the forefront. Some citrus is in there as well. A little bit of spice can be detected. Maybe a bit of clove. Yep, a beer with plenty of aroma. Does miller lite have that? Of course not. Neither does PBR or Corona. Taste has a lot going on as well. Citrus, orange being dominant, is there. Floral tasting hops and of course the funkiness. It is probably a bit in the mid range of bitterness. Bitterness is enough to know it is there, but not high enough to really scare anyone away. Overall a very decent beer. It would be more for fans of Belgian and Belgian style beers but is worth trying at least once.

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Yuengling Traditional Lager

Yuengling Traditional Lager

With how the company name is pronounced I always think of a song Chuck Berry was known to do.

My Ding-a-ling is Chuck Berry's only #1 pop hit. It's a cover of a song from 1952.

Bought this and drank this last week. Just getting around to posting about it. Got the 24 oz can at Giant Eagle. Haven't tried Yuengling in a long time. Didn't remember what it tasted like. On Beer Advocate it has an 78 BA score and a 80 Bros score. RateBeer lists an overall score of 27 and a style score of 98. Odd Both RateBeer scores are worlds apart.

Pours an amber color. About a half inch of head. No lacing whatsoever on the glass. Aroma is slightly malty. Not a very over whelming smell. Pretty under whelming. Very slight hops. Taste isn't much better. Malt is pretty much the only flavor. A beer should have other flavors to go along with just malt. I now remember why I haven't had this in quite awhile. It isn't for people who want a beer to taste like a beer. Pretty crappy. The overall score of 27 on RateBeer is probably generous for this beer.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Southern Tier Creme Brulee

Southern Tier Brewing Creme Brulee

This beer I've seen before but never tried it. Finally decided to pick up a bottle at Giant Eagle Market Place. Creme Brulee was $8.99 for a bomber.

9.5% ABV. This is an Imperial milk stout. Nope, no milk in this beer. It has lactose sugar, a sugar found in milk. It also is brewed with vanilla beans. With what is in it, there is more flavor than PBR could aspire to have. Creme Brulee is what PBR wants to be when it grows up to be a real beer. No matter if I wouldn't like this one, it is still much better.

Poured into a tulip. Very dark beer. Big thick head. Very decent lacing on the glass. Aroma is very sweet to start off with. Caramel is dominant. Vanilla and a tad of coffee are present. To me, it is odd to smell caramel in a beer. I wouldn't put beer and caramel together. Didn't detect alcohol at all, even though it is rather high. Taste follows the aroma. For my taste, this is way too sweet. Caramel is what I taste the most. Vanilla quickly follows with some coffee. Don't really taste the alcohol at all, which I was suprised at. Creme Brulee is for people with a sweet tooth. Beer should taste like beer, not candy. Even though I wouldn't drink this one too much, it is still better than PBR or Miller Lite.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA

Flying Dog Brewery Snake Dog IPA

Another purchase from late December that I'm just getting into. If you guessed this was bought as Savor Market, you would be correct.

The artwork is done by Ralph Steadman, long time illustrator of Hunter S. Thompson's work. Flying Dog's artwork always has been some of the most unique out there. Nobody else really does anything close.

For the sloppy joe eating, Pantera fans, Hunter S. Thompson was a writer. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, The Gonzo Papers and various other musings.

7.1% ABV and 60 IBU. Alcohol is little higher than Budweiser or Miller or even PBR. Of course with the IBU being 60, it means this actually has taste. The goat urine beer crowd would probably not be big fans of this beer. They probably haven't heard of an IPA. And no, India Pale ale does not come from India. It is a style of beer that is highly hopped to be exported to India. Hops help the beer not spoil as fast, along with providing taste and aroma.

Poured into an IPA glass. Yes, a glass can affect the aroma and taste of a beer. This is brewed with Warrior and Columbus hops. Big, thick head. Plenty of lacing on the glass. Plenty of hoppy notes to the aroma. Some citrus and a faint bit of malt. Hops are really upfront. Some citrus can be detected. Taste is much like what an IPA should be. Grapefruit is the dominant citrus taste. Hops lends to a dry finish. Some biscuit like malts are there as well. A very decent IPA. This has a BA score of 81 and a Bros score of 75 on Beer Advocate. It has a 91 overall score and 83 style score on Ratebeer. This is one of the rare times I would have to agree with the overall score on RateBeer. Snake Dog is worth checking out.

Hell's Half Mile

Tri-City Brewing Hell's Half Mile

Picked this up at the end of December and just now getting into it. Of course I got it Savor Market. Is there really any other place? Yes there is Giant Eagle Market District, but that is a little out of my way. Savor Market is more on my way home from work. Plus Savor Market has over 800 beers, compared to Giant Eagle Market's 600 beers.

5.8% ABV and 20.4 IBU.  I really liked Tri-City's Giant Slayer. Not much their Charity Island IPA. Plus with the name of Hell's Half Mile, I had to get it. All I could think with the name is the area around where the Cincinnati Reds play. Watching them try to play baseball is like visiting hell.

Hell's Half Mile is a Munich Helles lager. Imagine a pilsner with slightly more malt. Essentially the German version of pilsner. But it is still better than Miller Lite or PBR.

Pours a pale golden color. Head is rather large and stays around for a while. Some of the best lacing I've seen. Since this is essentially a pilsner, the aroma is very much like a pilsner. Noble hops are upfront. Malty notes are there along with some very slight citrus. There was some sweetness there as well. Taste is a bit more malty than the typical pilsner. Some hops come in the slightly dry finish. Malt is the more dominant taste in this one. Overall not a bad beer. RateBeer gave this a 24 overall and 41 style score. That is way low for Hell's Half Mile. Sometimes I wonder what the users were smoking before they rated the beer. It has a 79 BA score on Beer Advocate. I think the 79 is little more accurate. I would have given it around an 82.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Sixpoint Hi-Res

Sixpoint Brewing Hi-Res

Picked this up at Savor Market the other day. It was $11.99 for a 4 pack. I really, really love Sixpoint's Resin.

Didn't know Sixpoint put this one out until I saw the one 4 pack at savor. Hi-Res is 11.1% ABV and 111 IBU. Compare that to 9.1% ABV and 103 IBU of Resin. The IBU are up there where the taste starts to get interesting. Essentially real beer for real men. The kind of beer that will get your wife pregnant just by looking at it. The Steve Garvey of beers. On Beer Advocate it has a BA score of 95. RateBeer has an overall score of 91 but a style score of 49. Don't see the logic in the RateBeer scores. 

This can comes in a golden colored can. Kind of a skinny can like a red bull can. It's odd compared to the standard 12 ounce cans most everybody else puts out. 

Poured this into a Pilsner glass. Should've been poured into an IPA glass, since this is an Imperial IPA. Yep, pretty gangsta of me to defy the rules. Pours an orangish color with about a 1 inch head. Very decent lacing on the glass. Aroma has some the piney hops to be expected from an IPA. Citrus was very much there. Grapefruit with maybe some orange. Did seem to smell a little like pineapple as well. All the citrus that can come out of the hops used is amazing. Some people I know wouldn't like the beer on the smell alone. If they are used to the goat urine beers with no smell, they are missing out. Taste follows greatly the aroma. Very resinony, citrusy and full of flavor. Citrus abounds in the this, as does the bitterness. This is not for the faint of heart, or Pantera fans. This one is worth punching babies to get.

Earned the Hi-Res badge on Untappd with this beer.

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