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Friday, February 28, 2014

Siberian Night Imperial Stout

Thirsty Dog Siberian Night Imperial Night

Thirsty Dog is based out of Akron, Ohio. They are one of those companies, that I see there beers but haven't tried a lot of them. Do like Citra Dog and Terrier Pale. Absolutely hate their Smoked Black lager. Smoked beers are just not right. Those types of beers are Satan's playthings. Smoked beers will only lead to more crappy beers. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden PBR is the beer of choice. What lead to that? Smoked beers.

Picked up a bottle for $2.69 at Savor Market. Haven't tried it before and was interested. Thirsty Dog does have a version of this one that has been aged in bourbon barrels. Haven't had that one as of yet. But Siberian Night claims to be the "GRAND - DADDY" of all stouts. I accepted the challenge of finding out if it is true. It does have a 93 BA score and a Bros score of 81 on Beer Advocate. RaterBeer has an overall score of 100 and a style score of 98.

Pours very dark. Not the biggest head with very minimal lacing. It does have 9.7% ABV and 58 IBU. Bitterness is a bit up there for a stout. As usual with most stouts, aroma has plenty of roasted malts. A little bit of sweetness as well. Taste is of toasted malts and some chocolate. Actually reminds me a bit of chocolate milk. That's not really a bad thing. Chocolate and coffee flavors are usually present in stouts. No, that does mean chocolate or coffee are added. It just depends on the malts and how they are roasted. Not the most bubbly beer I've ever had. Overall, a very drinkable beer. I wouldn't say it is the "GRAND - DADDY" of stouts. It probably is in my top 10 of stouts, maybe even top 5.

Suggested listening:
For fans of actual music and not for fans of crappy bands like Pantera.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shipwrecked Double IPA

Mission Brewery Shipwrecked Double IPA

Have had this one from a growler fill. Haven't tried it out of bottles or cans. If people haven't noticed, I love IPA style beers. Really, are there really any other types of beers? At least other beers worth drinking all the time? I would say no.

Picked up a 32 oz can at Savor Market today. It was $7.99. It's been awhile since I've had Shipwrecked and wanted to refresh my memory on how it was. Didn't want to spend double the money on a 4 pack and opted for the can instead. Being a double IPA, I figured it would be good no matter what. Other non good beer drinkers may disagree. I would to them, go back to drinking goat urine and listening to Pantera. Leave the good beer to us. Shipwrecked has 9.25% ABV and 75 IBU. The IBU is where it starts getting good.

Poured into a Dogfish Head IPA glass. Contrary to popular opinion, beer out of a can does not, I repeat, DOES NOT taste metallic. Unless someone is severely molesting the can with their tongue, beer has NO metallic tinge. For one, beer should always, ALWAYS be poured into a glass. It doesn't matter if it is from a can or a bottle, pour it into a glass. A glass can open up the taste and aroma of a beer. Plus it helps to actually see what you are drinking. Very large head with very nice lacing. Pours more of an orange color. Aroma is very piney and citrusy. Anyone could tell this has plenty of hops. Grapefruit and some lemon pith. Is it really an IPA without grapefruit? Taste is decent. Grapefruit and lemon tend to be the leading citrus flavors.  Little of bit of malt helps balance out the hops. Beer Advocate has a BA score of 83 and a Bros score of 85. RateBeer has an overall score of 92 and a style score of 52. I agree more with the overall score of RateBeer.

Suggested listening:

Those Dirty Blues, Volumes 1 to 4. For people into actual music. Doesn't matter if you are into blues or not, these are required listening. Music from the 1920's on. Songs from big name blues artists to little known ones. Anyone into music needs to listen.

Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout

New Holland Dragon's Milk Bourbon Barrel Stout

Picked up a bomber today at Savor Market for $8.99. It's one that I love, but don't get too often.

From New Holland's website:
A stout with roasty malt character intermingled with deep vanilla tones, all dancing in an oak bath.

11% ABV with an IBU of 31. With the ABV being so high, Dragon's Milk is a Double/Imperial stout. That means it's not for the goat piss beer crowd. For some reason real dark beers scare some people off. Don't know why. Stouts don't tend to be real bitter. Most are under 50 IBU, with a lot being in the 20 or 30 range, which isn't bad. Stouts tend to rely more on roasted malts, which tend to lend a chocolate and/or coffee flavor. While I tend to favor the hoppy beers, sometimes a malty beer is a good change of pace.

Poured into a tulip glass. Decent beige head, but no lacing. Color is very dark chocolate brown. Aroma is very nice for a stout. Slightly sweet smell. Maybe a touch of chocolate. Taste is of nice roasted malts. Almost like chocolate with a touch of coffee. Vanilla is there and adds a nice flavor. Oak flavors are present, faint, but add a nice touch. Not the most bubbly of beers. Hint of alcohol at the tail end. Overall one of the best stouts produced. I don't think this gets as much respect as it should. On Beer Advocate, Dragon's Milk has a BA score of 88 and a bros score of 86. RateBeer has a overall score of 98 and a style score of 81. I agree with the RateBeer overall score. Darn near perfect stout.

Essentially what I should be called.

Suggested listening:
Mad Dogs & Englishmen (Deluxe Editon) by Joe Cocker. Probably one of the best live albums ever produced. I am not a big fan of Joe Cocker, but I love this album.

Perpetual IPA

Troegs Brewing Perpetual IPA

Picked up a 6 pack a couple weeks ago at Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle isn't my normal spot to get beet. But sometimes I'll spot something at Giant Eagle, that I haven't tried yet and just grab it. This one is one of those impulse buys. Of course since it is an IPA, I knew it would be at least a decent beer.

There is one thing this beer shouldn't be confused with: the perpetual hell of listening to bad music like pantera.
As we all know, Pantera is not close to music. They are the Justin Bieber of Heavy Metal. I use the term Heavy Metal very loosely with Pantera.

But back to the beer.

Perpetual is one of Troegs year round beers. 7.5% ABV and a nice IBU of 85. Yes, anything about 80 on the IBU scale is nice. It means it has actual taste, unlike other beers that shall remain nameless. Cough, Cough ***PBR***, Cough, cough. RateBeer has an overall and style score of 98. Beer Advocate has a BA score of 92 and a Bros score of 85.

Pours a nice golden color. Very nice head with decent lacing. Aroma has plenty of floral/piney hops and citrus to it. Darn near perfect smell. Grapefruit and pineapple notes are there. One of the better smelling beers. Probably due to all the different hops used. Bravo, Chinook, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Citra and Cascade are used in various points in the brewing. For those who don't like the hoppy beers, what the heck is wrong with you? Taste closely follows the aroma. Piney/floral hops. Plenty of citrus. Some malts in the middle. For real beer fans, Perpetual is one of the best to drink.

For the love of good beer, do not let kids listen to Pantera. They'll turn into the boy above. Think of the children.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shovelhead 2x IPA

Buckeye Lake Brewery Shovelhead 2x IPA

Picked up a bomber yesterday at Savor Market.

$5.99 for the bomber. Had never tried anything from Buckeye Lake Brewery before. Since this is an IPA, and as we all know, IPA is the king of beer styles, I had to get it. With the ABV being 8.3%, it is an Imperial IPA. Imperial IPA beers make other beers like PBR wet themselves. PBR would cower in fear if it came in contact with Shovelhead.

Poured into a IPA glass. About a half inch head. Decent lacing. Deep copper color. Decent floral hops in the aroma. Some malt aroma as well. Some grapefruit citrus notes. Taste follows the aroma. Decent floral hops and grapefruit. Bitterness comes in a bit in the end. Some maltiness in the middle helps balance the beer out. Overall a very decent. Much better than listening to Pantera while eating sloppy joes.

Hairy Eyeball Ale

Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball Ale

Picked up a bomber yesterday for $5.99. It my usual Friday beer run. Picked up 4 bombers and a 12 oz bottle.

Funny name but horrible graphics. It looks like Petey the dog from Our Gang (the Little Rascals) has a thyroid problem. The label could also use more color as well. Based on the label colors, I wouldn't give this a second look. The name is what grabbed me. Hairy Eyeball has 9.4% ABV and 56.66 IBU.

From Lagunitas:
A roasty, toasty, malty, hangover-halting beer. Especially formulated for when you wake up feelin’ like you need to shave your eyeballs to see the new day.

Poured into an English pub glass. Dark brown with a half inch beige head. Very minimal lacing on the glass. Aroma is very malty. Slightly sweet caramel like. Maybe some brown sugar in there. Taste is very malty. Never have been a big fan of malty beers. Always liked the hoppy beers much better. Taste has the usual caramel/brown sugar notes that a malty beer has. Tiny bit of bitterness at the end. Just wished there was more noticeable hops to it. Hairy Eyeball is for fans for the malty beers. For me, it is just alright.

Current listening:
Paul Rodgers new album. People will know him for being the lead singer for Free, Bad Company, his solo stuff and more recently his work with Queen.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Lagunitas Sucks Brown Shugga Substitute Ale

Lagunitas Sucks Brown Shugga Substitute Ale

Picked up a 6 pack at Savor Market a few weeks ago.

If somebody says to you "you suck", just reply to them "Not for free". I sometimes wonder why certain companies choose a certain name for their products. I wouldn't say anything I produced sucks. It may be good for vacuums, hookers, Pantera and the Cincinnati Reds. Coincidentally, Pantera and a shop vac are very similar. Both break the laws of physics. How? Both suck and blow.

7.85% ABV and 63.21 IBU. Lagunitas is the only company that I know of that gets very specific in the IBU rating. Most have whole numbers. They could have just put an IBU of 63. On Beer Advocate, Sucks has a BA score of 97 and a bros score of 88. RateBeer has an overall rating of 100 and a style score of 99.

Poured a copper color, Not the biggest head but had decent lacing. As with any IPA, this has a big hop scent to it. Grapefruit is present. I don't like to eat grapefruit, but in an IPA, I love grapefruit. The citrus helps to balance the malt. Malt is there in the smell too. A good aroma shouldn't lean too much towards one thing or another. Taste is very well balanced. Piney hops, grapefruit citrus and a touch of malt. Hop resin is there in the back end of the beer. Nice pleasant bitterness. Not bitter enough to scare off the weak tongued. But it is just bitter enough for the IPA fans. I rated this one a 4.5 out of 5 on Untappd. Worth seeking out.

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