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Saturday, March 29, 2014

rogue voodoo doughnut pretzel raspberry & chocolate ale

rogue voodoo doughnut pretzel raspberry & chocolate ale

Rogue has come out with another Voodoo Doughnut beer. Yes, there are actual Voodoo Doughnut shops, but none are in Ohio. Click here for the Voodoo Doughnut Website. For some unknown reason Rogue seems to think beers based on doughnuts are a good thing. Doughnuts are a good thing. Doughnut beer isn't a good thing. At least they are better than PBR.

The first one I tried. I'm a big bacon fanatic. Bacon makes almost everything better. This bacon maple porter is the exception to the rule. It did somewhat of a maple aroma to it. After the first sip, I realized I made an unfortunate mistake in getting the beer. Finished half the bottle and poured the other half down the drain. I vowed I would never try this beer again. Had to take a couple shots of Jim Beam to get the nasty taste out of mouth.

Along came the chocolate, peanut butter & banana ale. When the guy at Savor Market showed me the bottle, I thought it was the maple bacon beer. It was the same pink bottle. He had to explain it was a different one. We had a conversation on if it was worth trying since the other one was bad. Decided to get it that day and tried it later on. It was slightly better than the maple bacon porter but that is not saying much. Did have banana and chocolate to it. Wasn't impressed with the peanut butter taste. Both beers I consider novelty beers and are only worth getting as a joke.

While browsing around World Market earlier this evening, I was in the beer section. I was seeing if they had new beers. I've almost given up on World Market's beer selection. They used to be really great on having some imports and harder to find U.S. craft brews. There beer section has shrunk dramatically but their wine section grew. I happened to look over in the wine section and saw the familiar pink bottle. I had to check to see if it was a new one or came back out with one of the other flavors.

I walked over and saw it was a new one. $11.99, the same price as before. Was somewhat hesitant to get it since the other two were fairly bad. being a glutton for punishment, had to get this one. Figured this one wasn't going to be all that great. At least it has to be better than Miller Lite.

5.4% ABV. 31 IBU. 79 BA score on Beer Advocate. 54 overall and 87 style score on RateBeer. It has one of those weird ratings on RateBeer. Why would the style score be quite higher than the overall score? Shouldn't they be about the same? 

Poured into a 16 ounce glass. Pours brown with a little over an inch of head. No lacing at all. Aroma wasn't too impressive. Slight pretzel and chocolate. Didn't really detect raspberry at all. At first there wasn't much of a taste. Pretzel came in more through the after taste. Didn't really taste the raspberry and chocolate was barely there. After letting the beer warm up a little, more of the raspberry started to come out. It helped bring out the pretzel taste as well. Don't really get much of a chocolate taste to it. It seems the little bit of chocolate replaces the pretzel in the after taste. Of the 3 beers, this one is probably the best one. If you looking for a great beer, this isn't it. It's more of one of those try it once beers.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chillwave Double IPA

Great Lakes Chillwave Double IPA

Formerly known as Alchemy Hour. Name change was due to a naming dispute with Widmer Brothers.

9.4% ABV and 80 IBU. 95 BA and 90 Bros score on Beer Advocate. 99 overall and 98 style on Ratebeer.

Did have this before when it was still known as Alchemy Hour. Some people I know don't like anything from Great Lakes. For some reason they can not handle actual beer. They actually think Miller Lite is a good beer. They must have been dropped as a baby. Meanwhile I was dropped as a baby into a pool of awesome.

Malts used:
Harrington 2-Row Base Malt: Allows color and flavor
from other specialty malts to come through; makes
for very clean beer
Caramel 45: Contributes to amber color; provides
Honey Malt: Contributes sweetness

Hops used:
Mosaic: New U.S. hop; provides floral, tropical, fruity,
and earthy characteristics
Nugget: U.S. bittering hop; provides floral, resiny
aroma and flavor
Cascade: U.S. hop with citrus characteristics for

Poured into a Stone IPA glass. Pours a copper color with decent head. Some lacing but not the greatest. Unlike PBR or Miller Lite, Chillwave has aroma. And no, it doesn't smell like goat urine. Doesn't taste like goat urine either. PBR drinkers are used to the goat urine experience. Orange and grapefruit are present in the smell. Grapefruit is to be expected since it is a double ipa. For the grapefruit smell adverse, this one is not for you. It'll leave good beer for the rest of us. Piney hops are also there. The piney hops also help scare off the bad beer drinkers as well. Taste is very pleasant with the 80 IBU compared to Miller Lites 12.. Very nice bitterness to it. Citrus like grapefruit start off Chillwave. Piney hops kick in and linger. Chillwace has a taste that lasts more than 2 seconds unlike Miller Lite. Some malt helps keep the beer in balance. Very great beer. Worth drinking more than once.

Suggested listening:

To go along with a real beer, how about some real music? Bought the CD at a local Best Buy on Wednesday. Best Buy had the CD as in stock in all local area stores. Got to the store at Easton to look for it. An employee came over to see if I needed help. Explained what I was after and we went to check for stock on the computer. He didn't know how to spell Amsterdam. The computer showed 0 in stock and didn't know why I was there to get it. Explained the company listed it as in stock and doubted they could have sold out that quick. I went back to look on the shelves and found 5 copies. Picked up one and ended passing the kid again. Showed him what I found and ended up handing him the 4 other copies. He thought I brought them into the store because they didn't have any copies.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Seventh Son Urban Cowboy Belgian Stout

Seventh Son Urban Cowboy Belgian Stout

Picked up two bottles of Urban Cowboy this past Saturday. One from Rockmill and this one from Seventh Son Brewing. It's a collaboration beer. Each company uses their own yeast strain in their respective versions. Both bottles were $12.99 a piece. Rockmill's bottles of Urban Cowboy are numbered out of 1500. Seventh Son's bottles aren't numbered.

Look at the beer. Isn't it a beauty? It reminds me of a certain scene out of the movie Airplane:

 Airplane is probably one of the funniest movies of all time. The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad is up there as well.

Urban Cowboy is a 750 ml bottle. Basically just over 25 ounces. Almost a fifth. A bit bigger than a bomber which is 22 ounces. One thing that struck me is this a Belgian stout. I've heard and tried of every other Belgian style beer but this one is a mystery to me. Belgian and Belgian style beers always have a slight funkiness to them. From the aroma to the taste, the funk is ever present, much like Bootsy Collins.

Bootsy is famed for being the bassist for Parliment/Funkadelic. He also was briefly in James Brown's backing band. Bootsy is also a native of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Poured into a tulip. Very dark in color. Almost a 2 inch beige head. No, dark beer isn't like motor oil. Of the malty beers, stouts are my favorites. They tend to be more to my liking, flavor profile wise of the malty ales. Aroma has some of the Belgian yeast smell. It's not too strong but it's there. Some whiffs of dark chocolate. Taste isn't that strong. Some toffee like flavors. Some chocolate along with a touch of coffee. Not as funky as I was expecting. Was expecting a stronger funk being this is supposed to be a Belgian style stout. Being a stout I was also hoping for some stronger coffee flavor as well. Carbonation was pretty good. Overall a good beer, but not great. It's not $12.99 good. Would be more worth it if the beer was a few bucks cheaper.


Three Floyds Man-O-Awe

Another release from Three Floyds Brewing. Do have to admit the artwork is pretty colorful. This one along with Zombie Dust, is among my favorite labels.

Picked up a bomber from Savor Growl today. $9.99 for the bomber. Tried to convince the guy at Savor Growl to sell me two bottles, but alas no luck.

Man-O-Awe has a 84 BA score on Beer Advocate. 86 overall and style score on RateBeer. It's an American pale ale. Since pale ales are slightly toned down versions of IPA beers, I was hoping it would somewhat similar to Zombie Dust. In comparison Zombie Dust has a 100 BA and 90 Bros score on Beer Advocate. It has a 100 overall and style score on RateBeer. Don't think there is more of a perfect beer than Zombie Dust. But I'm always willing to try anything from Three Floyds, even if it's a style I don't like.

6% ABV. Poured into a Savor glass. Poured somewhat of a copper color. Decent head. As with the picture above, lacing was great. Aroma had notes of citrus. Orange and pineapple like citrus seem to be the dominant fruit smells. Some light piney hops are in it. Very faint malt notes. Taste pretty much follows the aroma. Pineapple and orange like notes. Malt is in the middle followed by some light hop bitterness. Compared to Zombie Dust, this isn't as good. As an American pale ale, it is a fine example of the style. It did seem to be a toned down Zombie Dust. On its own, Man-o-War is a very well crafted beer. I would like some more hop presence to it. Not as good as Zombie Dust, but that is an IPA. $9.99 is a little high to drink this all the time. It is worth checking out though.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Inversion IPA

Deschutes Inversion IPA

Picked up a 6 pack awhile ago at Savor Market. Just now trying it. Yep, I am getting slow trying beers. I keep buying beers but don't get around to trying them like I once did. Such is the nature of life.

Paradise is stumbling upon our whole flower hop room and inhaling. Inversion IPA is as close as you can get without knowing somebody.

Enter, if you will, all the glorious aromatic complexity of the hop. This big, bold IPA's intense multi-hop kick gets a subtle dose of restraint from select Crystal and Carastan malts. For discriminating hop heads.

6.8% ABV and 80 IBU. Basically a beer where the IBU is starting to get worthwhile. It has an 88 BA and 92 Bros score on Beer Advocate. 94 overall and 91 style score on RateBeer. Budweiser has a 0 overall and 3 style score on RateBeer.

Pours amber. Slightly under an inch of head. Some lacing. Aroma is very hoppy. Some malts are there but hops are the dominant smell. Some citrus as expected out of an IPA. Taste is excellent. Nice hop bitterness. Some slight grapefruit to it. There is a touch of malt. Bitterness is high. Doesn't seem to be a lot of other flavors to help cut the bitterness. Not that is a bad thing. Bitterness is always welcomed. The bitterness helps scare off the frou frou beer drinkers and leaves more good beer for the real beer drinkers. I'm looking at you PBR and Miller Lite drinkers. Throw in the smoked beer drinkers as well. Come over to the real beer side, we have taste. Overall a good beer, not my most favorite beer though, Worth checking out.

Suggested listening:

Whole Lotta Helter Skelter

Three Floyds Robert The Bruce

Three Floyds Robert The Bruce Scottish Ale

tySavor Growl posted they had some bottles of Three Floyds Robert The Bruce. I did my best Meat Loaf impression and took of like a Bat Out Of Hell.

I was able to wrangle two bottles. Don't get too much Three Floyds beers around these parts. I really think they would do really well. Much better beer than Miller Lite or Bud Light. Zombie Dust is probably the best beer I've had. Zombie Dust isn't really for the people that like the sissy beers. It actually has taste.

Really like the graphics on the carrier. Yep, managed to wrangle a carrier as well. Robert The Bruce seems to be way too happy to be holding the beer. Maybe he tried some special recipe brownies. Maybe a recipe made by a Pantera fan. They have to be high to listen to Pantera. Every time I listen to Pantera, I end up with stage 5 uterine cancer and I'm not even female. I once fell down the stairs while holding a guitar and wrote a Pantera song.

6.5% ABV and 30 IBU. Being a Scottish style ale I didn't quite knew if I would like it. Not a big fan of Scottish ales or Wee Heavy ales. Those beers are a bit too malty for my tastes. I almost always go for the ' hoppy bitter ales. IPA and Pale ales are up my alley. Alpha Klaus, Three Floyds' christmas porter was a pleasant surprise. Considering Robert The Bruce has a 97 overall and 100 style score on RateBeer, I had to take a chance. On Beer Advocate it has a 87 BA score and 80 Bros score.

Pours a very dark red. Yes, it is a dark ruby red. Started off with a thin head and did get a bit bigger. Aroma is of toasted malts and toffee. It does some slight sweetness to it. Sweetness isn't overpowering. It's more heavy on the toasted malts. Taste is all about the malts on this one. Some slightly sweet toffee/caramel notes to it. Mild hoppiness to it. Robert the Bruce isn't for those who want bitter hops. Finishes a tad dry. One of the better Scottish ales I've had. It's not as good as Zombie Dust, but is pretty good for what it is.