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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Deth's Tar Imperial Stout (Deep Wood Series)

95 BA score on Beer Advocate. 99 overall and 83 style scores on RateBeer.

Deth’S tar
An imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels, and named after our exalted leader, Emperor Deth. This one is definitely on the dark side.

A play on Josh's name, this Russian imperial stout is aged in two different types of bourbon barrels (Heaven Hill & Old Forester) then blended for the resulting thick and dark brew.

Deth's Tar is a barrel-aged Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout. It is brewed with a host of wonderful specialty malts, flaked oats and oat malt to impart a rich, silky mouthfeel and deep, complex malt flavors and aromas reminiscent of dark baker’s chocolate, fresh brewed coffee and caramel candy. We also utilized Warrior as the main bittering hop and English Fuggle in the whirlpool to impart a clean balanced bitterness and hints earthiness and spiciness dancing around the intense malt backbone. The brew then spent seven months resting between Heaven Hill and Old Forester bourbon barrels. The resulting blend is Deth's Tar, that we bring to you once again on draft and in 22-ounce bombers in commemorative packaging.

ABV  11.4  IBU  40

A couple of the bourbons that are involved. I have been to Heaven Hill but never took the tour. I did buy a bottle of their Elijah Craig though. Since this one involves bourbon barrels, that means some people probably won't like it.

Those would be gin drinkers.

They have to drink a liquor flavored with juniper berries.

They probably piss themselves after 2 PBR beers.

After the third PBR, they probably pass out.

This goes into my list of fancypants beers that I have bought. I have also bought another in Revolution's Deep Wood Series. The Mean Gene porter was really good. That one was also aged in bourbon barrels.

Wonder what the name of the beer sounds like? I'm racking my brain on what sounds close.

Wonder if it sounds like the Death Star? Nope that can't be it.

Why would anyone reference a obscure film by the name of Star Wars. It's not like anyone has heard of or even saw the movie. It's not like it spawned 2 sequels and 3 prequels and more movies on the way. Nope, that can't be it.

This one comes from Revolution Brewing. They make one of the best IPA beers by the name of Anti-Hero. That one I could drink all day long.

Poured into a tulip. Look at that head. It's a thing of beauty. Color is of the darkest black coffee. No light shall pass through the beer. Lacing is decent but not great. Aroma is very interesting. Chocolate, some oak, bourbon of course, roasted malts and sweetness. Taste follows the aroma. Sweetness is there. Bourbon adds some interesting notes. Slight bit of oak. Chocolate and roasted malts are present as well. Alcohol isn't that present in the aroma or the taste. It seems all the other flavors and smells do a good coverup job. Deth's Tar is an amazing beer. If I could marry this beer I would. This one I would start a protest to allow human to beer marriage. It's that good. Rated this 5 out of 5 on Untappd. I would rate it higher if I could.

With Deth's Star I earned the level 13 Heavy Weight badge on untappd.

You like it thick and dark. Your beer! What did you think we were talking about? That’s 65 different dark beers.

Suggested viewing:

My Favorite Year from 1982.

It stars Peter O'Toole. Most famous from Lawrence of Arabia.

It also stars Mark Linn-Baker.

Most notable from
The show where Mark Linn-Baker's Larry lives with his foreign cousin Balki played by Bronson Pinchot.

Some people don't realize that Perfect Strangers spawned a spin off.

The Harriet character who was the mom on the show, was also the elevator operator originally on Perfect Strangers/

Lagunitas DayTime Fractional IPA

90 BA and Bros scores on Beer Advocate. 96 overall and 98 style scores on RateBeer.

Sometimes you want a beer, then you realize how much crap you need to do before you call it a day. This is it. Nicely dosed with Big, Round Hop Flavors and a Toasty Malt Foundation to satisfy your every need. But it still lets you stay in the game to do what needs to be done. Yup.

54.20 IBU and 4.65% ABV.

Another recent single bottle purchase from Savor Pint.

I really love most of the beers I've had from Lagunitas. They are another really consistent brewery.  Plus they are based out of California. Which makes them a fine American company.

Same can't be said for PBR.

What the PBR drinkers are.

Us good American beer drinkers like something else that is pink.

Whereas PBR drinkers like a completely different kind of pussy, the Pussycat Dolls that is. For them, the Pussycat Dolls are probably Heavy Metal.

The only kind of Marxism I support. For those who don't know who that is, it is Groucho Marx. You know, of the Marx brothers.

To the PBR drinkers, I have this to say:

Poured a rather golden color. Somewhat resembles goat urine. Small head. Fizzy carbonation. Lacing is nonexistent. Aroma does have some citrus to it but is rather light. Not much going on in the aroma. Taste is not impressive. Some biscuit like malt. Very light citrus and almost no hops. It is a bit bitter on the backend. This reminds me of something.

Basically the beer tastes watered down. DayTime is a big misstep from Lagunitas. I expected a much better beer from them. I would compare this to PBR but that would be an insult ot DayTime. Rated it a 1 out of 5. I would say avoid it at all costs.

Black Diamond White Witch

85 BA score on Beer Advocate. No overall and style scores on RateBeer. But is does have 8 ratings for 3.62 out of 5.

A recent purchase from Savor Pint. Black Diamond Brewing does the beer.

Some people will think of jewelery.

Others will think of skiing.

Maybe others will think of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Yet others will think of Kiss. Never got Kiss. Others were before them in shock rock. Plus others don't whore themselves out quite like Kiss does. Basically they are the 1970's version of Pantera.

Alice Cooper is much better. There are basically two phases to Alice Cooper. The original band that was named Alice Cooper. And there is the solo Alice Cooper when Vincent Furnier took on the stage name.

Since today is the OSU-Michigan football game (since I don't watch football, I won't eatch the game), here are some OSU related grave markers. All are from Union Cemetery.

Woody Hayes - Hayes was the OSU head football coach from 1951 to 1978.

Esko Sarkkinen - Assisant OSU football coach from 1946 to 1978.

Chic Harley.

First time having something from this brewery. Decent size soapy head. Aroma has some light citrus to it. Seems like grapefruit and lemon. Some biscuit malt is present as well. Taste starts off with the biscuit like malt. Citrus follows up. Grapefruit and lemon zest seems to the citrus notes. Finishes a bit on the bitter side. Do like the bitter finish. Overall not a bad beer. Have had better though. Citrus could have been a bit stronger but the bitter finish helps. Rated it a 4 out of 5.