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Monday, June 29, 2015

Left Hand Introvert Session IPA

84 BA score on Beer Advocate. 67 overall and 41 style scores on RateBeer.

Explore your introvert.
Opinionated and hopped-up, Introvert can easily be misunderstood for having a strong personality. But this artistically complex IPA seeks balance and creative harmony with low ABV and a relaxed pace. Explore Your Introvert, gather your closest friends and explore the possibilities. Hop aromas of tropical papaya and kiwi with woodsy pine, balanced by honey malt and a clean bitter finish.

Collection: Perennial
Style: Session IPA
Color: Copper
Body: Medium-Light
ABV: 4.8%
IBU's: 55
PKG: 6-pack, keg
Malt: 2-row, Munich, Vienna, CaraAroma, Crystal
Hops: CTZ, Centennial, Cascade, Chinook, Sterling, Comet

Picked up a 6 pack today at Weiland's Market. $9.99 for the 6 pack.

Introvert from Left Hand Brewing in name, would fit me perfectly.

Some people think I'm antisocial. Some ways I am.

Sums it up.

About a month ago, I first saw that Left Hand was going to be releasing Introvert. Even though it's a session IPA, I knew I had to seek it out. It did mean that I would have to be around people to find it.

Facebook is great for socializing and not have to be around people. Why? People are scary.

There are people out there that think PBR is an actual beer. Those people are functional illiterate and that scares me.


Being an introvert that is part of the reason I like to go to cemeteries. Can be outside but the people won't talk back.

Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield, Ohio

Mordecai Bartley was Governor of Ohio from 1844 to 1846. Also a War of 1812 veteran.

Marker with a pitcher.

This white bronze marker is among my favorites in the cemetery. Although the marker is neither white, nor bronze. It's actually cast zinc. White bronze sounds better than cast zinc.

In the cemetery lays John Sherman. He is a brother of General William Tecumseh Sherman. John Sherman is also known for the Sherman antitrust act.

Joseph Hedges is a recipient of the Medal of Honor. For actions during the civil war.

Harold Arlin was a radio broadcaster. He called the first baseball game broadcast on the radio. It was a game between the home team of the Pittsburgh Pirates against the Philadelphia Phillies on August 21, 1921.

Left Hand Brewing tends to be one of those take it or leave it type of beer companies. Some I like, others I can't stand. Quite a few beers of theirs are decent enough, but not mind blowing.

Session IPA beers tend to taste watered down to me. It seems like lower alcohol means lower taste to the beer. They tend to taste like water with a bit of citrus and hops to it. Can't figure out why. I mean beer has been around for thousands of years, I would think by now, breweries would know how to make a session IPA not taste watered down.

That's why a group of introverts will never overthrow a government.

We like to be home or in places that not a lot of people are at.

Talking isn't our strong suit either.

Poured into a Savor Growl glass. Think it is funny that it's a beer from Left Hand Brewing, bought at Weiland's Market poured into a Savor Growl glass. Nothing of that matches. Head was alright. Lacing was decent enough. Haven't seen lacing like this on a session IPA for quite awhile.

Quite a few of these are right on the mark.

Aroma seems to have some pineapple mixed with pine. I would say this is the best smelling session IPA beer that I have come across. Taste does have that watered down sensation to it. It doesn't seem as bad as others that I've encountered. Citrus seems to lean towards pineapple to me. The most upfront taste seems to be the piney resin. The bitterness from the pine comes in at the end and sticks around for awhile. To me, that makes up for the watered down part. Do think the RateBeer ratings are way off on Introvert. While not the greatest beer that I have ever had, it is probably my favorite session IPA at the moment. Rated it 3.75 out of 5 on Untappd.