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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rhinegeist Saber Tooth Tiger IPA

90 BA score on Beer Advocate. 97 overall and 88 style scores on RateBeer.


Imperial IPA

Prehistoric IPA with potent notes of papaya, mango and peach yet finishes crisp clean citrus bitterness.

Bought a bomber recently at Savor Pint for $11.99.

I would like to point out that the description that there are notes of papaya, peach and mango. No where does it say that those fruits are actually in the beer. It would be like saying there is milk in a milk stout. Or cream in a cream ale.

Event that ham is strong in a hamburger.

Know what kind of people would think that?

PBR drinkers.

They would actually be buried in a PBR casket.

PBR swillers are known Lil Wayne fans.

Look at what Lil Wayne music does to people.

PBR drinkers don't go to the Lions Den. All they can afford is the produce section at the local supermarket.

Trying to give a PBR drinker an actual beer does not end well.

Going to point out some of my favorite markers from Mansfield Cemetery in Mansfield, Ohio.

The Maynard family lot is probably my favorite spot in the cemetery.

There is the water pitcher marker.

Another one of my favorites is the white bronze marker for the Marshall family. No, the marker is not bronze. It's actually cast zinc. What sounds better - white bronze or cast zinc?

My favorite name in the cemetery.

David Bowie - Heroes

The guitar is played by Robert Fripp. Of King Crimson fame.

For those PBR drinkers out there, Saber Tooth Tiger is named after an actual animal that is now extinct.

I know PBR drinkers are shocked.

Right now they are probably thinking - if saber tooth tigers were real, were the Flintstones? No, no they were not real.

This would go out to those who actually thought that.

I am a fan of Zen from Rhinegeist. Figured Saber Tooth Tiger being an Imperial IPA, I would like it as well. No, an IPA is not from India.

Was interested in how much of the peach, papaya and mango would come through. Those flavors would come from the hops used. With an IBU of 95, it would be interesting to see how big the bitterness is. Some beers with a high IBU don't come across all that bitterness. While I have tasted beers with lower IBU that seem way too bitter.

Earned the level 14 Hopped Up badge on Untappd with Saber Tooth Tiger.

Poured into a snifter. Yes, snifters aren't just for bourbon. Rather thin head. Not much in the way of lacing. Am a little saddened by the lack of lacing. Do pick up pine and citrus in the aroma. Peach is kinda there. Aroma is amongst the better that I have smelled lately. Taste has plenty going for it. Plenty of tropical citrus going on. Didn't really pick up peach though. Seemed to have a bit of pineapple in it. Pine comes in at the end. Bitterness is extremely pleasant to me. Does not seem like a beer with an IBU of 95. Citrus does cut the bitterness. Saber Tooth Tiger is my favorite beer from Rhinegeist. Rated it 5 out of 5. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.