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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Troegs Nugget Nectar

96 BA score on Beer Advocate. 99 overall and 100 style scores on RateBeer.

Nugget Nectar



Malt: Munich, Pilsner, Vienna

Hops: Nugget, Palisade, Simcoe, Tomahawk, Warrior

HopBack Hops: Nugget

Yeast: Ale

Color: Straw / Orange

It’s impossible to forget your first squeeze. Once a year, as the newest humulus lupulus harvest arrives at Tröegs, we blend these super-fresh hops into an Imperial Amber Ale. Excessively dry-hopped, Nugget Nectar is an explosion of pine, resin and mango.

Recently bought a 6 pack for $12.99. Guess where I bought it. If you answered Savor Pint, then you would be right.

Last time I had this one was last year on draft.

This is the first time I've bought Nugget Nectar with the new color scheme. I must admit that I wasn't happy with the change, but I think I like it more than the old color scheme.

Above is what it looked like the last time I bought a 6 pack. To me, the newer color scheme looks better. Less flashy, less cluttered. I know I usually say some beers aren't flashy enough to attract attention. I do think that is true for some beers. But Troegs is a bit more well known than others. Troegs is also available in quite a few places as well.

I'll bring up a cemetery I don't think I've ever mentioned before. Walnut Creek Mennonite Cemetery in Walnut Creek, Ohio. Before everyone gets excited, it has nothing to do with Laura Ingalls Wilder or Little House On The Prairie.

Probably my favorite marker in the cemetery. I've always liked tree stump markers. It's also one of the few tree stump markers that I've seen that has a basket on it.

Jonas Stutzman is probably the most notable burial.

Sisters and Aunts.

Holding hands is a common motif in the cemetery. Mainly on the older markers.

World War 2 related marker.

World War 2 related marker.

This one makes me think of a couple different things. One is the first name of Harvey. Makes me think of the movie Harvey about the 6 foot tall invisible rabbit. Second is the last name of Mullet. Makes me think of the hairstyle that is common amongst PBR drinkers.

Various other markers.

Sadly Troegs is another brewery that I tend to ignore. Much like a few other breweries, I tend to see their beers everywhere I tend to shop for beers. Nothing against Troegs at all. Like quite a few other beer drinkers, I tend to get beets that I've never had or very rarely see.

PBR drinkers probably have never heard of Troegs or Nugget Nectar. Ones that have are rare like unicorns.

PBR drinkers are like the guy that sit on the chocolate bar. With PBR drinkers, it's not chocolate that they sit on.

Describes PBR drinkers to a tee.

Whereas us real beer drinkers are so awesome, we can do the above.

Real beer drinkers always keep this on hand as well.

PBR swillers use this to come up with excuses why they can't drink a real beer.

Did buy a 6 pack of Nugget Nectar last year but never got into it. Eventually threw it out. Why? I was too busy doing awesome things.

Do like the color scheme on the can. Plus as any beer geek could appreciate, it includes various stats about the beer. 7.5% ABV would probably qualify it as a Imperial beer. IBU for me is where it starts to get interesting. An IBU of 93 is where flavors start to come out.

Poured into a Savor Growl glass. Why? Don't have a Troegs glass, that's why.

Really nice head. Aroma is full of nice pine. Isn't pine in beer all that matters? There is some citrus as well. Tiny bit of malt. For me, that is a good thing. I've always leaned towards citrus and bitterness. Aroma is very nice.

Taste is something else. Plenty of pine for the hop heads. Enough citrus to offset the bitterness. Just enough malt to hopefully please the malty leaning people. To me, red ales/amber ales have usually leaned towards the malty side. Nugget Nectar has enough flavors going on to cut the malt. Pine is what I like in the beer. Citrus is enough to know it's there. Actually raised the rating on Untappd from 4 to 4.25. Do think that might be slightly on the conservative side.