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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Warped Wing Gamma Bomb IPA

No official ratings on RateBeer or Beer Advocate as of this post. On RateBeer there are 9 ratings with a mean rating of 3.64 out of 5 and a weighted average of 3.43 out of 5. Beer Advocate has 16 ratings with an average of 3.7.

Once, there was a dictator so evil he forced upon the masses an industrial beer that had no soul. But then, one good-hearted man, or perhaps many posing as one, rose up and concocted a despot-dethroning flavor bomb that could save the world. Gamma Bomb IPA. A piney India Pale Ale. Exploding with hoppy goodness. Pull the pin.

7.2% ABV
96 IBU

Recently picked up a 4 pack of 16 ounce cans at Savor Pint.

Gamma Bomb IPA is from Warped Wing out of Dayton, Ohio. Warped Wing? Dayton? What do these things have in common?

Wright should be a clue on why a brewery named Warped Wing is in Dayon, Ohio.

Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright are buried in Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.

Along with some other family members.

But what about the Warped Wing?
Hopefully that helps.

The Wright Brothers Cycle Company is in Dayton. Somewhat small building but is worth visiting.

It's part of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.

There is a bigger building that has quite a bit more display space.

Replica of a 1902 Wright Glider.

Replica of Frank Hale grocery store.

Check written by the Wright brothers to Frank Hale.

Some printing related stuff.

Wright Brothers press.

Job Press room.

Paul Laurence Dunbar related exhibit.

Paul Laurence Dunbar is buried in Woodland Cemetery, located in Dayton. He is in the same section as the Wright brothers. Not very far from each other.

The National Museum of the United Sates Air Force has a 1909 Wright Military Flyer on display.

Along with some original 1903 Wright Flyer fabric.

Knew that Warped Wing released Gamma Bomb IPA. When I went to Savor Pint to get some some beer, it wasn't my first choice on what to get. I must admit I was looking for Hop Nosh Tangerine from Uinta Brewing. Wanted a 6 pack of the Hop Nosh Tangerine, but I found a solitary can. Did but the can, so I decided to get the 4 pack of Gamma Bomb.

As many readers of this blog know, I am a fan of a good India Pale Ale. Nothing wrong with loving some hops. If loving hops is wrong, I don't wanna be right. Do have to hand it to Warped Wing. Not only are they a somewhat local brew (Dayton is about an hour away from Columbus), they do nice beers. Even their cream ale (not a style I'm exactly a big fan of) is pretty good. Figure in the color schemes of the beers they produce. I have liked all the colors and graphics on the products that I have tried. Do think this one is my favorite. In the pics, the greens come off as more of a yellow. Would say to look at the first pic listed on this blog to see what the color scheme is more like.

Poured the beer into a Dogfish Head IPA glass. Why? 16 ounce can and the glass is more than that. Basically a glass that would hold the can.

Really nice head with plenty of great lacing. Aroma has plenty of sweet like citrus to it. Some very slight pine to it. Of the recent beers that I have tried, it is the best smelling beer. it is the best laced beer as well.

Taste starts off really sweet. Almost too sweet for me. Citrus seems to be a mix of grapefruit, tangerine, and pineapple. Not a bad combo. Pine swiftly comes in. Aftertaste is quite nice. Bitterness makes up most of the aftertaste. While it is bitter at the end, I would not really thought it had an IBU of 96. Do think that the citrus does cut the bitterness. For an IPA lover (like myself), Gamma Bomb is a must try. Rated it 4.75 out of 5 on Untappd. The sweetness in the beginning is the only thing that dropped it down a slight notch for me.