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Monday, May 30, 2016

Columbus Brewing IPA

97 overall and 96 style scores on RateBeer. 94 BA score on Beer Advocate. 3.78 out of 5 on Untappd.


Pale orange, with grapefruit, pine, and tropical fruit aromas

India Pale Ales were originally brewed to withstand long ocean voyages by increasing the quantity of hops and malt used in their Pale Ale predecessors. Our take on IPA pours pale orange with a balanced malt presence and finishes with a combination of grapefruit, pine, and tropical fruit notes from Pacific Northwest grown hops.

ABV | 6.3%
IBU | 60
Featured Ingredients | Simcoe®, Citra®, Mosaic®, and Centennial hops

Recently picked up a 6 pack for $9.99 at Savor Pint.

This is the first time I've bought this beer since the switch to the new packaging.

last time I bought CBC IPA it was still in the above packaging.

I was never a big fan of the past color scheme. Thought it was somewhat bland. Didn't really catch the eye.

Not that impressed with the current redesign. To me, it's even less eye catching.

Went from 4 colors to 3 colors. New label seems even more generic to me.

At least the carrier has the new brewery on the bottom.

Just wish that CBC would go for the more colorful packaging/labels on their beer. Do think they aren't that well known outside of the beer geeks in Columbus.

The PBR crowd needs to know about an actual beer.

PBR swillers need to get out of flavor town.

And into other types of domestic things.

How PBR drinkers spend their saturday nights.

Outside of trying to bathe themselves.

PBR leads to weird things.

Us actual beer drinkers do whip out our ID.

PBR drinkers are all riled up and try to go after the actual beer drinkers. Be we can handle ourselves.

I did recently spend some more time at Green Lawn Cemetery, here in Columbus.

Eddie Rickenbacker is one of the more famous residents. A Medal of Honor recipient.

A railroad crash victim.

Ovid Wellford Smith. A civil war Medal of Honor recipient. Was supposed to take part in the Great Locomotive Chase. Smith enlisted as James Smith.

Orange Johnson. An early resident of Worthington, Ohio.

One of my favorite markers at Green Lawn.

Since I couldn't find my CBC glass, I poured the IPA into a IPA glass. Plenty of great head with decent lacing. Has some nice citrus notes. Pine is amazing. An IPA isn't great if it doesn't have a nice pine aroma to it.

Taste is amongst the best out there. Plenty of citrus to it. Grapefruit and orange. Malt is there and doesn't bring it down too much for me. Finishes nice and piney/bitter. With an IBU of 60, we all know that level is where beers start to get really interesting. CBC IPA is one of those really great IPAs that could be had everyday. Actually raised the rating on Untappd from 4.25 to 5.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sixpoint Puff

No official ratings on RateBeer as of this post. Does have a mean of 4.12 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. 4.19 out of 5 on Untappd. 90 BA score on Beer Advocate.

Imagine puffing away on hops for days, then just chillin' as the party starts winding down.
But wait, a final burst of energy; one last dose in a tank of dry hops. A special hop bouquet for the afterparty.

If you love Resin, try tasting it straight from the tanks. That's PUFF - a hazy, unfiltered pour with an extra dose of dry hops... a new blend devised just for Puff.

We decided to capture our own puffy, cloudy brew in a limited release can. First puff says it all - this ish is Keller. Breathe deep and put your head in the clouds... it's Mad Science.




Picked up a 4 pack the other day for $11.99 at Savor Pint.

Saw on Facebook that Savor Pint got some in. Didn't even know that Sixpoint was coming out with this one. Shows you how much I've been paying attention to new beer releases.

Resin is my favorite beer from Sixpoint.

Hi-Res is a close second.

PBR wishes it could be any beer from Sixpoint when it grows up.

PBR drinkers are probably butt hurt over that statement. Butt hurt enough they pull out the pepper spray.

Then they go to using their favorite item.

And dress up in their favorite outfit.

Sometimes PBR drinkers will go to the gym.

Then pop a frozen pizza in the oven.

All that, in they place they were born.

US actual beer drinkers when offered a PBR.

As with other offerings from Sixpoint, Puff comes in one of those redbull style cans.

Puff can compared to a standard beer can.

Puff can next to a standard bottle.

It's like Sixpoint is trying to overcompensate next to other beer cans. What's up with that?

Kinda figured Puff was probably a variant of Resin. Can has the same shade of green as Resin. Just has clouds, or puffs of smoke added. Knew if it is a variant, I would automatically like it. After all, Resin is truly the nectar of the gods.

Spent some time at Union Cemetery. More specifically, the old Union Cemetery. The part that is by Olentangy River Road and Ackerman Road. The second part of Union is on Olentangy River Road near North Broadway.

John Ramlow marker.

Balser Hess. Revolutionary war veteran. Supposedly crossed the Delaware River with George Washington. Buried on his property in 1806. The land became Union Cemetery in 1849.

Thomas Bull. Another Revolutionary war veteran.

Joel Parsons. A civil war medal of honor recipient.

Thomas Beers. An early settler of Columbus. Built a log cabin near the intersection of Dodridge and North High Street. The cabin was moved to Norwich Avenue in the early 1900s. It's thought to be the oldest home in Columbus.

Conn Baker was the one who bought the Beers cabin and moved it.

Civil War inscription.

Poured into a Circleville Pumpkin Show glass. Alright head with very little lacing. Does pour a bit on the hazy side. Plenty of pine to the aroma. Do get a lot of citrus as well. Seems to be more on the orange side to me. Really enjoy the citrus aroma.

Taste starts off with plenty of citrus. As with the aroma, citrus seems to be more on the orange side. Seems like there is a bit of pineapple as well. Some of the best citrus that I've tasted in a while. Finishes quite piney. Bitterness provides a nice counterpoint to the citrus. Does remind me of Resin. I do think it might be better than Resin. Rated it 5 out of 5. For fans of Resin and Hi-Res.