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Friday, October 28, 2016

Columbus Brewing Yakima Fresh

No official scores on RateBeer as of this post. There are 3 ratings with a mean of 3.8 out of 5. Beer Advocate shows a BA score of 90. Yakima Fresh has a rating of 4.24 out of 5 on Untappd.

From CBC's Facebook Page

Yakima Fresh is a small batch, once-a-year beer that we have just released in bottles! It is our annual wet-hopped American IPA features hops that were shipped directly from the farm to our brewery and used within 24 hours after being picked in the field. This year’s batch (2016) was brewed with fresh Mosaic® hops from B.T. Loftus Ranches in Yakima, WA.

Recently bought a 4 pack at Savor Pint. $12.99 for the 4 pack. First time ever seeing this beer.

Figured it would be $9.99 for the 4 pack. Nope, $12.99 for it. Thought Bodhi would've been $12.99. Do like the colors and graphics on the packaging.

Recently went back to Green Lawn Cemetery.

George Meeker was a mayor of Columbus.

Unusual shaped marker.

A medical doctor marker with a book on top.

A tree stump marker.

United Ancient Order of Druids monument.

Couple victims of the Sand Run wreck.

Charles Pepper. Killed on the campus of the Ohio State University in a boiler explosion.

Captain Daniel Lewis. A firefighter who was killed fighting a fighter.

Bird Stith. The last Union Civil War veteran buried in Franklin County.

Recently bought a book from McFarland Publishing.

A book on Robert Toombs.

He does have a famous great great grandson by the name of Roderick Toombs.

Who's that you ask?

He would be the greatest wrestler of all time - Hot Rod Roddy Piper, AKA Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Everyone knows who the favorite wrestler of PBR drinkers is.

Doink The Clown.

Us real beer drinkers treat PBR drinkers like how Roddy Piper treats Superfly Jimmy Snuka.

Thought Yakima Fresh was a brand new beer. It appears it has been out for a couple years. Was kinda surprised I had never heard of it.

Being a wet hop beer, I had to try it. Plus it's a CBC beer. And an IPA. Basically a triple threat. Whereas PBR doesn't even meet one of the criteria.

Wet hop beer have a certain flavor that dry hopped beers don't have. Wet hopped beers tend to have a bit more of a grassy taste.

Look at the head on that beer. That truly is a thing of beauty. Plenty of lacing. Aroma has pine, citrus and grass. Plenty floral.

Taste follows the aroma pretty closely. Citrus seems to lean a bit towards the orange side. Pine is there, but isn't overwhelming. Hints of grass. Bitterness shows up at the end. Rated Yakima Fresh 4.75 out of 5 on Untappd. It's an almost perfect beer. Do wish citrus was a little more prominent. Price also dinged the rating a tiny bit. Worth searching out.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Columbus Brewing Bodhi

98 BA score on Beer Advocate. 99 overall and 98 style scores on RateBeer. 4.26 out of 5 on Untappd.


Awaken your senses

An awakening of the senses by virtue of American hops. Pale golden in color, this double IPA showcases a unique blend of hops, highlighting the true nature of Citra®.

Bronze Medal, American-Style India Pale Ale, Great American Beer Festival® 2014

ABV | 8.3%
IBU | 80
Featured Ingredient | Citra® hops

AVAILABILITY (limited year round)
Four pack/ 12oz. bottle
50 Liter Kegs

Bodhi was finally released in bottles back in July of 2016.

I finally found 4 packs at Savor Pint the other day. $9.99 for the 4 pack.

Have found single bottles at Savor Pint. As soon as they got it in, it almost sold out just as quick. Places that I heard had 4 packs almost always were on the opposite side of town. I'm not the type that will completely go out of my way to get a beer. Won't wait for hours in line for a beer either. I love beer, but not enough to waste time over it. 

Pabst Blue Ribbon is one of those things that is a waste of time.

Much like listening to Pantera.

This is the only Pantera that matters.

Typical PBR swillers date for the night.

Hell, PBR drinkers get confused by glasses of beer.

PBR leads to becoming a hipster.

Just thinking about PBR and Hipsters makes me want to throw up.

PBR drinkers also try to keep up with the times.

Like listening to Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne on this blog?
I suddenly feel sick.

Have been listening to a couple new music purchases.

Etta James - Rocks The House

And since it is that time of the year - Halloween Nuggets: Monster Sixties A Go-Go

Halloween Nuggets reminds me of some of the best box sets that have been released. All of the following have been released by Rhino.

Nuggets. Rhino expanded the original 2 LP set to 4 CDs of music. The original 2 LPS are the first CD. Rhino added 3 more discs of music.

Nuggets 2. Rhino issued this one for bands and artists outside of the United States.

Love is the song we sing: San Francisco Nuggets

Where the Action Is: Los Angeles Nuggets.

The only box set not pictured is Children Of Nuggets.

Have bought a couple books as well.

Images of America - The Ohio State Reformatory. About the prison that is located in Mansfield, Ohio. It was closed in 1990, but was used in the movie the Shawshank Redemption.

The Lake View Cemetery. A book about the cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Any beer geek in Columbus has pretty much wanted Bodhi to be released in some sort of packaging. For the longest time, it was draft only. That was great and all, but there were times I didn't want to go out somewhere to drink a beer. Just wanted to drink at home.

Have recently been back to Green Lawn Cemetery.

Charles Walcutt. A civil war general. He is related to someone buried in Texas. San Antonio to be a bit more specific.

Another relative buried nearby Charles Walcutt should be a clue to the more famous relative in Texas.

Alice Vickers Hann has a couple somewhat offensive symbols on her marker compared to todays standards. At the time, the symbols didn't have the meaning they have now. 

 Relatives of both President Bush.

Kip Selbach.

Selbach was a baseball player from 1894 to 1906.

James Forsyth. He was a civil war officer that eventually rose to Major General in the regular army. He did become colonel of the 7th US Cavalry.

James Forsyth was on the staff of general Philip Sheridan. In the photo. on the left is Sheridan. To the right of Sheridan is Forsyth. on the right, seated, is a rather obscure guy by the name of George Armstrong Custer.

Frederick Phisterer. A Civil War recipient of the Medal of Honor,

Ovid Wellford Smith. Another Civil War Medal of Honor recipient. His grave was considered lost until 1983, because he had enlisted under the name of James Smith.

Clinton Greaves. A Buffalo Soldier Medal of Honor Recipient.

Stanislas Roy. A Medal of Honor recipient for actions at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Probably the most well known Medal of Honor recipient at Green Lawn is Eddie Rickenbacker.

I have been searching for Bodhi in bottles since it was released. Of course I haven't been looking that hard. Been looking at Kroger, Giant Eagle and Savor Pint. For me, it isn't worth going to another part of town just for a beer. 

Do like the colors on the label. But like the rest of Columbus Brewing Company's other beers, I don't think it is eye catching enough. It is a shame though. Do think Columbus Brewing produces beers that are worth drinking. 

Look at the head on the beer. LOOK AT IT!!! Isn't that a thing of beauty? Yes, yes it is. Plenty of citrus in the aroma. Some pine as well. Overall, one of the best smelling beers there is. Lacing is amongst the best there is.

Taste is something to behold. Citrus notes includes grapefruit and orange. Who doesn't like grapefruit in a IPA? PBR drinkers. Plenty of pine as well. For me, malt wasn't an issue. Bodhi has an IBU of 80 which means it gives the beer some flavor. Citrus and pine certainly make the beer. Bodhi is worth seeking out. Rated it 4.75 out of 5 on Untappd. I consider that rating rather low. Would classify Bodhi as a perfect beer.